Saturday, 15 March 2014

A Spring Day !!!!!!

Good Afternoon Peeps,
Hope you are all enjoying the start of the weekend... weather not overly nice at the mo in my little corner of Cornwall..... but I think it may improve !!!! well my workload has been cut down drastically up at the yard the horses are all out over night.... so the mucking is minimal.... which leaves more time for coffee..... yippee, 
although I have to admit I am always apprehensive the first couple of nights, is he warm enough what if it rains .... then I have to say to myself get a grip .... he is a wild animal, used to living out in all weathers without thick waterproof rugs .... thing is nobody has told Ace this ....he likes his creature comforts, although the little brat, made me walk over to the middle of the field this morning to get him....probably my punishment for leaving him out all night.... so this morning he had the works, legs shampooed, mane and tail conditioned hooves oiled, when I left him he was gleaming.... but I can guarantee as soon as he goes out in to his field later he will find the most muddy bit and roll.... and then I get to do it all again tomorrow... on the way home I popped in to PANTS... and brought a brand new pair of curtains for my kitchen window, which is normally quite awkward to buy for... returned home and got a phone call from Shelter Box Charity shop which is just up the road from were I live, asking me if I could work in there shop for two hours on a Saturday 2 till 4 I start next week.... made a layout with the new digi kit I got, so all all in all not a bad day....

Recipe for my Design

5 by 5 White Base Card
Image from Lunagirl Moonbeams
Digi Kit
A Spring Day

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