Friday, 28 June 2013

It's My Birthday Today and No Card from Hubby !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Good Morning Readers,
Well it's my Birthday today and I am 57 years young.......... and I will be spending the day crafting, what more can a gal ask for......... I awoke this morning with my mobile a buzzing with txt messages from family and friends, my fireplace is adorned with cards of all shapes and sizes, and I have had some wonderful pressies as well, but not a card in sight from my wonderful and thoughtful Hubby Brian, the light of my life, who tries so desperately to keep me from going crazy, not sure he is doing a to good a job of that, if you could see the hacked trees and shrubs in the back garden.......... anyhoo getting back to the no card...... you see Brian has never believed in giving me a card all the while we have been together, why, because as he say's the words are someone else's, and he likes to express himself by writing me a poem, so every year, for Birthday's Christmas and Valentine Day, I have received a poem, they may not all be as long as the one below, and some of them have been very humorous, but I would like to share the one I received this morning, which did bring a few tears to my eyes.....


  1. What a lovely gesture to look forward to with each passing birthday - have a great day


  2. Oh my goodness. How wonderful! My husband doesn't believe in cards either, or poems or gifts. You are one lucky woman.


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