Thursday, 14 March 2013

What's that Round Yellow Thing in the Sky ........

Good Afternoon All,

Hope you are all well........ no work today for me, or for the next three hooray, and the weather today, what's going on there...... it has been a beautiful day here in Cornwall, so much so, we sat outside with our coffee up at the stables today...... it was lovely and warm, think I may have even got a bit of a colour in my cheeks, it almost felt like a summer's day, hang on I'd better not get to carried away...... but even so it was lovely, and so nice to be able, and lucky enough to enjoy it, have not done anything craft wise so far today, to busy enjoying the weather, hopefully will get some done over the next three day's, but if that big yellow thing is out again tomorrow, I will be outside making the most of it.........took these two pixs this morning, on my way over to the stables, the sky looked as if it was on fire, which made the tin mine stand out a treat....

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