Friday, 15 March 2013

Dam That Parking Space.........

Good Afternoon All,

Well that big yellow thing in the sky, decided not to come out and play today, instead we had the wet stuff,  yet again....... thought it was to good to be true, when we had that lovely day yesterday, we were being led in to a false sense of security, oh well not much we can do about it, anyhoo, hope where ever you are, the weather has not stopped you doing to much...... me nah, I still spend half of my day outside, no matter what the weather, if you let the English weather dictate when you went out, you would be in most of the year....... so up the yard as per usual this morning, then went down to see my poor Mum, she has pulled a ligament in her back, so is in a bit of pain at the mo, but she still remains cheerful, when I left Mum's I had to drop my friend Julie home, and on the way back, I have to drive through town, anyhow, guess what, as I was driving through, right outside the little craft shop we have in town, called Stick and Cut, was a parking space, right outside, I couldn't believe it, so of course I had to stop, I'm sure the lady who own's it has a device that pulls you in to empty spaces outside of her shop.... so in I trundle, wet and I must admit a bit on the smelly side, horsey smells that is....... apologised when I entered the shop, but she was very obliging, and said she couldn't smell anything, after paroosing for a while I purchased some new I paid for my goodies and returned home, hopefully I will get to play with them a bit later,but why is it you can NEVER go in to a craft shop and come out empty handed, I now I don't really need these stamps, I have a multitude of stamps, some I have never used, am I I need help, HELP, dam you parking space.....below is some pixs of the stamps I purchased today.......

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