Saturday, 16 March 2013

Watch the Birdie........

Good Afternoon All,

Well another wet day here in Cornwall, what's it like were you are......... busy morning this morning, and sadly, my coffee and chat with my mate Sherry was cancelled, she has gone and got the dreaded lurgy....... so, I am sat in my PJ's, had a shower, lit the fire and thought to hell with it, I am going to get warm and snug, not going out anywhere.......have done a bit of crafting already, entered the challenge over at, simplylessismooreweek-111-theme will enter a couple more later, sadly when it's raining, it's the perfect crafting weather, so I am going to make the most of it, hubby is at work......the rabble are asleep, I have a steaming cappuccino on my desk bliss, time to get the glitter out I think...........
Below are a couple of pixs I took up at the stables this morning.

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