Friday, 8 March 2013

Feel Good Friday.......

Good Afternoon All,
Well it's rather a pleasant day here in Cornwall, started of a bit gloomy, but as the day has progressed the weather has got better, went for a nice walk up at the yard this morning, had some time to kill before my lesson, it was lovely, it was not at all cold, although still quite muddy in places, took a couple of pics, which I have uploaded below, back to work in the morning, my weekend for working, so I may of may not have time to blog over the next couple of day's, so whatever you decide to do this weekend, stay safe and have fun, catch ya later......
Pretty Primroses

A secret garden maybe.......

This was taken at the top of a hill overlooking a valley, the tops of the trees  were an amazing colour
Have you got any goodies.........these are some of Richard's cows

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