Sunday, 17 March 2013

Attempt at ATC.......

Good Afternoon All,

Well the weather in Cornwall today was sunny, bit chilly when the big yellow fellow in the sky, went behind the clouds, but all in all quite pleasant, well I returned home from the stables this morning, to find hubby surrounded by clothes.....yes clothes, not his, but mine...... got a bit panicky at first, thought I had arrived home to early, and hubby was playing dress up........ once I'd taken a few deep breaths in a brown paper bag.....hubby explained he was trying to sort out the mound of clothes that were piled high in the corner, before someone (hubby) was buried in an avalanche, never to be seen again..... I did try to reassure hubby that if he did go missing I would send out a search party after about a week, hubby did not find this amusing, I think his sense of humour was buried beneath the pile on the floor........anyhow, I left hubby to it and after about an hour or so, he had done a very good job, and I even found clothes I'd forgot I had, so virtually got a new wardrobe, once hubby had finished, I settled down to do a bit of crafting, I have always wanted to have a go at ATC cards, so I thought I would give it a whirl........below is a picture of the one I made, 
Materials used, 
I printed a design sheet form Debbie Moore's Shabby Chic Cd rom, on to a plain white card, then cut a rectangle, using my Cricut Machine I cut a mock hinge in a contrasting blue, I punched some flowers in the same blue and attached a pearl brad to the centre, the sentiment I printed off my computer on to a darker blue thin card, and then tore round the edges, to finish of I placed two tiny silk bows in a cream. Not sure if this the correct way to make an ATC, I but I did enjoy it.

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