Sunday, 24 March 2013

Keep It Coming........

Good Afternoon All,

Well it's pretty chilly here in Cornwall, How's the weather were you are........ well this is going to be a very short blog today, as I am felling pretty dam tired, my own fault I hasten to add....... we have been pretty short staffed at work the last few day's, owing to a bug that has gone through the home, so not only  have the residents been unwell, but so have some of the staff,  well, me not wanting to see my work colleagues struggle...... decided to stay on at work yesterday, so what should have been a 12 hour shift, turned out to be a 22 hour shift........ I finished at 07.00 hrs this morning, so I am feeling a little worse for wear, so I would like to take this opportunity , to thank the people at Nescafe', as coffee was the only thing that kept me going...... so keep it coming. Speak again soon......

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  1. I'm amazed you made it through 22 hours....even with the coffee!!!!!
    Thank you for your comment on my was a truly amazing day.


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