Thursday, 21 March 2013

Florence Nightingale.........

Good Evening All,

Well it's an awful day here in Cornwall today, pelting it down with rain and windy...... hope were ever you are it's not as bad, well not done much today, bit of a lazy day..... up most of the night, with one of my lab pups Chumleigh, not sure how he done it, but he must of twisted or pulled his back leg in the night, so I was playing Florence Nigthtinale, rubbed his leg in with horse, Arnica and Witch Hazel, then wrapped it up in vet wrap, which was bright pink, not sure he was overly impressed with that........ anyhoo he fell asleep laying on my lap on top of the bed, so needless to say that is the reason I had a rather rotten night...... had a lovely day yesterday..... went to visit my youngest daughter Teresa, had a coffee and a chat, then went out in the afternoon with my middle daughter Hazel, we went to Costa coffee, and then spent some money in Marks and Spencer, well I did........ popped in to my lovely Mum's this morning, glad to say her back is getting better...... then returned home, the only crafting I have done is an ATC card..... which I thoroughly enjoyed, I think I might get hooked, it is for a new challenge over on  wickedwednesdayatc76-spring-fever and that's about it, have nothing planned tomorrow so hopefully will get stuck in to some crafting........

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