Friday, 10 August 2012

Hello it's me again,

What a gorgeous day, I have just got back from taking my mum out, she is in a wheelchair so we have to go to wheelchair friendly places, so we went to Hayle and there is a lovely walk along the side of esturary it is flat and ideal for the wheelchair, we took snadwiches and a drink, walked and talked and sat on the many benches and had lunch.We also took my border terrier Smarty Pants with us who occasionaly had a ride with my mum. I am now back at home and talking to you. As I explained on the first blog that I wrote that I would on a daily basis upload one of my card creations and details of how to make for any new crafters out there. Today's design is the Art Deco Era, this design has been done in a C5 size, the base card is a plain white, the main image is from the CD rom created by Pantheon Arts, the colour tones are a pretty pink and blue, I try to co-ordinate the colours with the main image, I have used a spellbinder frame as my first layer in a pretty pink, I have then mounted the main image on to it, off set around the edges of the image I have placed die-cut flowers in a contrasting colour tone, the scroll work has been die-cut in black using one of the X Cut dies that are suitable for most die-cutting machines. I then printed the With Love on to the same colour tone as the blue flower, in the centre of the flowers I have placed blue gems, this design is so simple but really effective, This card would be suitable for most occasions. I do sell my cards on Amazon, and I am in the process of having a webb store with Amazon which will ahve a link to my blogg, If any of you are thinking of selling your cards I would say go for it, the satisifaction you get when you have sold one of your cards is great, and the Customer knows that the card they have purchased will not be massed produced and is a one of design. I hope you like the design please let me know I would love to hear your views, so bye for today we be back tomorrow with another design,
                                                                    Best Wishes Suzy of
                                                              DAZZLING ACE DESIGNS

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