Thursday, 23 August 2012

CHILDHOOD MEMORIES..................


Well not a bad day today, went up to the stables as usual, my shire had her feet trimmed, bit busy up there today as it was pony club day lots of children, budding Mary King's in the making.I must tell you all I actually went upstairs to bed last night, ever since we have had the puppies I have been sleeping on the sofa with them, I know what you are thinking I must be mad, but I just could not bring myself to leave them, all three snuggled up to me as soon as the light went out, so what was I supposed to do...... anyway last night I went to bed Smarty Pants came upstairs with me and curled up on the bed, and I was waiting for Chumleigh and Toby to follow, ten minutes later still no pups I was getting quite upset then my hubbie came up and said that they were both sprawled out on the sofa asleep, I ask you and there was me thinking that they could not sleep without me.....truth be known they were waiting for me to go so they could sprawl on the sofa, anyway they slept all night did not attempt to come upstairs and when I went down in the morning they were still sleeping. Wonder what will happen tonight....It kind of takes me back to when my children were small, and when they did not feel very well they would come and sneak in to bed with you, and you would wake up in the morning hanging on to the side of the bed with legs and arms draped all over you, but then they grow up and start a family of there own and you think that they do not need you anymore, and then just a remark one of them makes, or just a squeeze of the hand and you know that no matter how old you are you always need your Mum. Now I must be a pain in the A.... to MY mum as I am always asking for things and I am 56 and she is always there no matter what, so mum if you are reading my blogs I LOVE YOU. I may not of mentioned but my mum is a passionate card maker as well she does all that decoupage stuff, she cuts out tiny fairy wings and tiny mouse whiskers, I could not do it I cheat and use die cutting machines, but mum enjoys it, so I think it only fitting that I place one of my mum's card's on my blog today and this one should bring back child hood memories for a lot of us.....


Base card is white which mum has covered with a blue gingham paper from the Beatrix Potter CD ROM, around the edge of the paper she has placed silver border peel offs, the main image is also from the CD ROM and been layered on to a silver mirri card. Peter Rabbit and friends have all been decoupaged, and at the top a happy birthday sentiment has been layered on to  the same silver mirri card and at each end are two blue gems.
So until tomorrow.

Best Wishes
Suzy B