Wednesday, 29 August 2012


Good Evening Everyone,

Well the day started of the same as usual, the feeding of the rabble, the loading in to the truck.......well that's were it started to go wrong, it was tipping it down with rain I mean really tipping it down,it was about 5.30 this morning so still quite dark, Queen Smarty Pants, who is the one that has to go in to my truck first took one look outside the door, and looked at me as if to say want me to go out in this, think again, and turned round and ran back in to the lounge, meanwhile the pups who are getting quite big now are still trying to escape out the front door, not batting an eyelid at the rain, so I picked up Toby first and ran to put him in the truck, meanwhile Queen Smarty Pants has come back to the front door, most indignant to think that one of them have gone in to the truck I opened the door again to put her in the truck and she ran back in to the lounge, by this time Chumleigh was nearly out the letterbox trying to get with his brother, so I picked him up which I will not be able to do for much longer has he is getting heavy and put him in the truck with Toby, all that was left for me to do was get Queen Smarty Pants who was sat in the hall, I bent down to pick her and she rolled over on to her back ( this is her way of saying I am not going) so I called her bluff.....I went out of the front door and left her in the hall, I stood outside the front door (it was still tipping it down with rain)... and wait for it she started to cry at the door, I undone the door and she ran out and jumped in to the last we can go, all was quite in the truck apart from the pups fighting in the back, Smarty Pants would not even look at me, anyway on the way over to the stables the rain was still pouring and the raindrops were so big that in the headlights of my truck they looked like huge diamonds, they were amazing. Sometimes you look at things it could be tree a field of poppies, or even raindrops and I think to myself how lucky I am, to be alive...........


Gratitude is the heart's memory

Base card has been covered in a distressed patterned paper, down one side is a silver border peel off, In the top right hand corner we have punched through the card using a large flower punch, the image has been cut from a magazine and mounted on to a piece of pink card, we have then placed it on to a silver piece of mirri card, we have picked out the colour tones in the backing paper for the tag , which is chocolate brown,then placed a pink heart brad at the top and a cerise teardrop. The flower has also been done in the same colour tone as the tag, and placed into the hole in the base card, in the centre of the flower is a tiny pink flower and then a smaller silver one, to finish of the design we have placed a silver peg at the top of the image. This is a lovely design, because when you open the card you have a lovely flower on the inside.