Sunday, 4 May 2014

More Hidden Treasure !!!!!!

Hello Again My lovelies,
Just a quickie.....
If you read my earlier blog, you will know that I was going to cut the grass....
which I have done,and I also made a bird bath / drinking bowl out of some old bits I found lying around, and even if I say so myself it looks pretty dam good.... and hubby has been out clearing and doing all the manly stuff!!!!!!
while the little women (me) has been clearing 
up after him (Nothing New There Then )and while I was cleaning..... 
 I found a hidden gem a glass pot, it is soo pretty, and apart from a chip
around the rim perfect.....I also took some pictures of hubby busy making the mess
 for me to clear up.......

My Glass Pot found in old terracotta container 



My Hand Water Feature the base is a Twisted piece of old wrought iron the base is an old wooden bowl and the mossy piece of bark I found by my pond

This is my Wild part of the Garden

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