Monday, 5 May 2014

I Forgot it was Bank Holiday !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Good Morning My Lovelies...
I hope you are all enjoying Bank Holiday Monday......
of which I forgot !!!!!!
Got up this morning at 8.00 today is my day for a lie I have work tonight...
to find hubby leisurely sprawled out on the sofa......
me thinking he must be unaware of the time.........
so calmly said to him do you realize the time, to witch he replied yes of course I do!!!
me well have you not got to get ready for work, hubby not yet we are not opening till later
 Hubby owns a shop in Falmouth in an old Arcade, beautiful listed building done out to resemble Victorian Shops which are all securely shut behind wrought iron shutters, and on Bank Holiday's they all open a bit later ..... hence the reason hubby still relaxing on the sofa.....
How could I forget it was Bank Holiday...there has been enough adverts on the telly..... or maybe it's because we have just had one !!!!
Still whatever... I hope you all enjoy it.....
Anyhoo I decided to enter a few challenges this morning...while I was waiting for
the kettle to boil..... and it is Glen's the Nurse at work's Birthday today and she
is besotted with anything cuddly, especially Cat's....
soo I purchased the book below for a pressies and made her this card, with
it's own Book Mark hope she likes have decided to enter in the following challenges...


Recipe for Design
DL White Hammered Effect Base Card
Purple Card Stock 260GSM
Lilac Card Stock 260GSm
Cricut  Cut Flowers
Purple Brads for the Centre of the Flowers
Country Cottage Embossing Folder
Wooden Embellishment I have had in My Stash for Yonk's
White Satin Ribbon


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