Friday, 31 January 2014

Tried and Tested Friday # 1 Yogurt Scones

Good Afternoon Readers,

Hope you are all well ...... for those of you who kindly take the time to read my blogs ...... you will know that I have been Healthy Eating, for the last 16 weeks, and have managed to loose 22lbs ....... I feel great, and have been able to get in to clothes that I thought would be going to new homes ...... I will never be a Twiggy, as I am not built that way, but I was not built to be as large as I was ..... apart from the fact that I am not getting any younger, I needed to do something about my weight, soooo, what I am getting at in around about way is that every Friday, I am going to upload a recipe from my healthy Eating Plan, which is Slimming World, you do not have to be watching your weight to try these, as they are scrumptious anyway ...... and if you have a sweet tooth like I have this weeks recipe will be right up your street.....
In this recipe I replaced the Apple Yogurt with a Toffee one, not because I do not like Apples, I just didn't have one, you could use whatever flavour you wanted in this recipe....
Let me now what you think !!!!!!!! 

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