Sunday, 19 January 2014

Rocking Horse Sunday !!!!!!!!!

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Good Morning Readers,
How are we all ...... the weather has been on the gloomy side, in my little corner of Cornwall ...... everything is so soggy, still it could be worse, compared to some other countries, we should count ourselves lucky !!!! , anyhoo, what ya all been up to, me I was up with the lark's again this morning, but before I could set of up to the yard, I had to de-ice my truck ...... took me by surprise actually, as although it has been pretty gloomy, it has been quite mild, ....... took the rabble with me, this morning and I don't think they were to impressed by the ice either ....... decided to ride my horse this morning !!!!!!!! and he was a complete loony, it was like riding a rocking horse, but I enjoyed every minute of it, he can have his tantrum's, owing to the fact he was gelded late in his life, so he still behaves like a Stallion, he has the big shoulders and thick neck..... but this morning it was also because of the cold air, he got very excited, so we did an awful of cantering ....... and not much trotting, he was snorting like a Dragon, and my eyes were streaming with the cold air, but it was so exhilarating, certainly blew the cobwebs away, and it was gloriously sunny with blue skies, I could of just kept on going, to a distant land, once back in the yard, Ace was put back in his stable to cool of, he was rather sweaty on his return, and I went and had a well earned coffee, with my friend Mary who  said  me and Ace are well matched, as he is so unpredictable, and I enjoy a challenge!!!!!  once I was home I was welcomed by the most amazing smell when I walked through the door, Hubby had been making flapjack's, and they smelt gorgeous. .... he had also made me a vegan jelly, I used to use the sugar free jelly in the packet, until Hubby told me they had pig gelatin in them, not so good when you are a vegetarian ......  so hubby has had a rather productive morning, I have also done a few things on my blogs like announcing winners etc, and even found some time to make a card for a friend at work ...... but this afternoon I am going to relax by the fire and watch yet again the Fellowship of the Rings,
 what are you all doing !!!!!!!

Bless, Butter would't melt Hmmm

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