Friday, 17 January 2014

Feelgood Friday !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Not So Much ..........

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 Completely Christmas 
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While I am here I would just like to explain a bit about the
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Each one of the Challenges will be 
Anything Goes.....
apart from each month there will be,
a Mid Month Sketch, 
otherwise Anything Goes, as long as the project is

Morning Readers,

Not such a good day so far...... woke up with a splitting headache, not so good ....... up the yard first thing as usual, to find Ace my horse must have had a party in his stable last night judging by the mess ....... so cleared all that up, had a coffee and a chat with the girls ...... popped in to my fav charity shop on the way home, brought the rabble some more teddies, and of course purchased another top for myself ...... then went down my Mum's to find the door locked, rang the bell, nothing, knocked on the glass nothing, so left her flowers and creme eggs on the doorstep, and drove home, for all of you who are thinking, how could she drive away, without making sure Mum was alright, fear not she lives with my Brother and his car was outside, so I knew all was well...... still got my headache, so not in the best of moods by this point, returned home, to phone ringing, my friend Sherry, had a chat with her for a bit, and she must have noticed my mood was low, when told her about headache, she said it may due to the full Moon we have had over the last couple of day's, and also informed me that I have also been a bit sharp at work ....... oh dear, I thought, why does no one tell you ...... any way, headache is subsiding now after taking some painkillers, and hopefully the full Moon will star waning soon as well ..... but oddly enough, my star sign is
 Cancer, and being a water sign, I am governed by the Moon, so who knows......


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