Thursday, 23 January 2014

Thanks Dad .................

Morning Readers,
Do any of you believe in fate ....... I do, I had a terrible experience this morning, I have never been so afraid.  I was driving up the yard as per usual , not much traffic on the roads, as it was quite early, driving along when all of a sudden one of those transit vans that look as though they have been stretched,  just jack knifed a few yards in front of me, I had nowhere to go ....... my instincts told me to get in to the hedge and stop and wait ...... and I did and watched this Transit Van getting closer and closer,it was surreal and looked as though it was all in slow motion, a bit like watching a Die Hard movie, with one of those spectacular car chases..... I was so frightened, not for me, but for my little dog, what will happen to her if it hits us, at which this point I thought it was going to, but it missed us by about 12 ins, I just sat with my head on the steering wheel, shaking and feeling very sick, the driver on the van came over and opened up the door and just knelt by the side of me holding my hand's, he said he didn't think he was going to miss me ...... there was a lady in a car behind him and saw what had happened and she also came over to see if I was OK, and she said she thought I was a gonna ...... I asked the Van driver what had happened, and he said he slowed down but his brakes locked and he had no control, and at one point he thought he was going to role ...... so we all stood there for a while, and I said well mate, somebody was watching out for us this morning, and I know who was watching out for me my Dad. 
Anyway, I thanked my Dad and patted the dashboard of Noah and thanked him for keeping me safe and drove on to the yard, and I thought I was OK, until I parked and then it just hit me, and I broke down sobbing, a mixture of relief that I was alright, and what could have been, if I had been a couple of more yards up the road, I would have been hit, the girls were great and took me to the Wendy House for a strong sweet coffee, I am obviously at home now, and do not plan on going out anywhere this afternoon, but there is truth in what people say, not to be too dramatic, 
but live each day as though it is going to be your last ..... I am going to have a coffee, do a few things around the house and then settle down to do some crafting, whatever you have planned today, stay safe ......


  1. Ooh Sue what an awful experience. So glad your guardian angel was watching over you. Hugs x

  2. That was an awful experience. I am glad you are okay. I can understand. Many years ago when I was driving home one day a big semi trailer came alongside me. I started to feel really nervous so I slowed down and dropped back. Just as well I did as when he came to a curve in the road he jack knifed and the trailer swung right across the road. If I had been next to him I would have been wiped out. Even now as a passenger I hate being near semi trailers.


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