Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Loving The Digital ........

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 Completely Christmas 
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While I am here I would just like to explain a bit about the
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Each one of the Challenges will be 
Anything Goes.....
apart from each month there will be,
a Mid Month Sketch, 
otherwise Anything Goes, as long as the project is

Good Afternoon  Readers,
Hope you are all well, the weather today in my little corner of Cornwall is rather wet ..... to say the least,  roll on the Spring, although I have noticed my Daffodil bulbs sprouting in the garden already, will they survive I ask myself, or are we going to get the dreaded Snow, that has been threatened over the last couple of weeks, hopefully not, anyhoo, did something different this morning up at the stables, put my horse Ace out for a couple of hours, then brought him and rode, yes I know it was raining but we were already wet ..... we both came back rather muddy, as he was galloping across the bottom fields mud was splattering up everywhere, but once again, it was exhilarating,  just what I needed .... not sure Ace thought the same ...... I also did the second chore on my to do list, cleaned out my tack room...... only two more things to do, clean the inside of my truck, and tidy up my Craft Studio....... Wednesday I will be going to see my Mum and then I am having my hair cut, ready for the dinner and dance on Saturday..... so a busy day tomorrow, so will not be riding, and for my regular readers, you may remember I mentioned that I have been on a Healthy Eating plan, well  I need to loose another two pounds, and I will have lost 2 stone, in just sixteen weeks, it's amazing......  on return home after a much needed shower, I retired to my Craft Studio for a bit,  and I am hooked yes hook line and sinker, on my digital craft program that Hubby got me for Christmas, so I have been playing, and below is the layout I designed, there is still loads that it will do, but I am learning it bit by bit....



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