Friday, 19 July 2013

Hello Baby...........

Good Morning Readers,
Well I am back at my desk........... been away a couple of day's work an all, well how you all liking this weather....... have you all melted yet, I know on occasions I have felt like I am, never satisfied, Oh well, going to do a few chores around the house, and then will do a bit of crafting this afternoon, need to make a Birthday Card and a Wedding Card, Birthday Card sorted, Wedding card a bit more difficult, I would like to try and design my card around the colour of the Bride's dress, which is Champagne and Black, will upload it when I have finished it........ anyhoo, onwards and upwards, took some pics this morning up at the yard, some of my boy, Ace of Spades, and some of the new arrival, so pull up a chair and have a peep....... speak again later today..........

Watcha doin Mum My Boy Ace of Spades 4

Smile Ace is a bit grumpy just told him I was riding him

Go away can't you see I'm catching a few Zzzzs after we had our ride, bless he needed a lie down. 

Spot the Foal

The Proud Mum

Queen Smarty Pants

Mum and Baby Chillin 

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