Friday, 19 July 2013

Done at Last !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Good Evening Readers,

Well as promised, here it is the dreaded Wedding Card........ why is it so difficult to make a Wedding Card and make it personal, now Lola at work is getting married on Saturday, what could be so difficult as that, just the fact that I have been asked to make the card, so I have tried to make it as personal as possible, Lola is not a fussy girl, she is not what I would call a girlie girl, ( a bit like me actually) now listening to the weeks of planning she has been doing, I have managed to get some snippets of her dress, ie,  colour Champagne, only a bit darker....... Tiara is Apricot Diamante's, but she has had some customization done to the dress, she has added a Black Rose at the shoulder, to honor her Dad who is no longer with us......... so below is the Design I came up with hope she likes it....... will find out tomorrow.......

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  1. You have done a super job with this wedding card Sue and they will be so pleased with it. Beautiful on the inside too.Hope you have a good weekend
    x catherine


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