Sunday, 19 May 2013

Monday Madness........

Good Morning Readers,

Just a quickie this morning, got to work the next two day's, so will be away from my desk.......... well I hope you all had a good weekend, the weather at the mo, here in Cornwall is dry, I think it may be another sunny day, to early to tell, have just finished removing most of the lounge, kitchen etc etc, into a room that we can lock, so the rabble cannot eat it........... there new thing when I come in at lunchtime, is to throw there water bowl all around the floor, so when i enter the hall, I am usually paddling........, just as well I took the carpet up, I did do this before I got the rabble, as we have Victorian tiles in the hall and the lounge, and it seemed a shame to cover them, as they are in perfect condition, and now well washed...... we also put a baby gate at the bottom of the stairs, I am making them seem really naughty, but they are good, apart from the water..... well I must go and finish clearing the furniture in to Bill's next door lol, so will speak again in the next couple of day's, so please all try to stay out of mischief !!!!!!!! and now for my Monday Funnies.

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