Friday, 27 December 2013

It Wasn't an Ironing Board.......

Good Afternoon readers,
I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas........  I celebrated my Christmas Day yesterday, as I did not finish until Boxing Day morning..... my Christmas night shift was one from hell...... the staffing levels were staff had rung in supposedly sick.....and because it would have cost the 
company  too much money to get agency in,  we had to
cope .... so my fuse was running rather short.....what has happened to commitment, not only to the residents who depend on us to take care of them, but also to not letting your work colleagues down, I was brought up with very strong work ethics, and will not ring in willy nilly and feign sickness......yes there has been night's when I think I really do not want to go in to work especially in the Winter, when all I really want to do is to sit in front of a roaring fire.....but my conscious wont let me.....and don't get me started on those who claim benefits for a supposed condition...... a never work..... I will save that rant for another day.....and as the saying goes what goes around comes around..... however   I was rather touched by two of the day staff that kindly stayed on to help, I found out later that evening, that they had asked who was running the shift, and when they found out it was me, they both said they would stay on to help....which was very kind of them, so Kath ended up doing a 15 hour shift that day and Vicky a 14 hour shift.....of which I was extremely grateful to them.... On a brighter note...... for my regular reader's, you may remember Hubby passing a comment on my Christmas pressie being one that....I did not think I needed but I did, well I did, it turned out to be a huge screen for my computer..... it is amazing, I can see all the details around my Challenge Blogs and also my personal blog, and the colour's are so bright, don't how I have managed to be without it.... I had some wonderful presents from Family and Friends this year, they all have put so much thought in to them, it appears they have listened to me this past year and picked up on things that I have said I like.....or things that I need to get, I really am not a material person.... so it can be very difficult for people to buy anything for me, but this year they have all been so very kind and generous,   at the moment I am sitting in front of my computer wearing a onsie, it is turquoise blue with pink penguins all over it, which I got from my daughter Teresa, it is so comfortable.... I love it, so even though I am not surrounded with a house full of things, and don't have a huge bank balance, don't drive around in posh car.....I am rich with Family and True Friends, what more do I need..... the card below I made to say thank you to everyone for my beautiful and very thoughtful presents, one of which I used to make this card, it was another one of my pressies from hubby, right I'm off to put the kettle on, and see if I have any washing left on the line..... will speak to you all again soon....... God willing...


  1. So sorry to hear about the awful shifts at work - so unfair of others to let you down, but so good of some day staff to stay on and support. Yay! for your big screen for computer - enjoy!! x

  2. And I meant to say that good family and friends mean much more than big bank balances and fast cars etc xx


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