Saturday, 28 December 2013

It Must be The Weekend..........

Good Afternoon readers,
Well what a soggy day ........ must be the weekend, anyhoo what ya all been up to, have any of you gone to the sales...... I did pick up some Christmas Cards in the sale at Asda today, they had gone down to 99p for a pack of thirty...... bargain, oh, and I did go on to the Sport's Direct site and purchase my son Steveie's 
B Day pressie, his Birthday is the 17th Jan..... so that's sorted, are any of you making any New Year's resolutions this year, mine is to be more active inside and outside of the house ...... I need to give my Craft Studio a good sort out in the New Year, it's one of those things I keep putting off ....... I have sooo many ideas floating around in my head ...... the two new computer programes that hubby got me for Christmas will be playing a huge part..... I am also excited about my New Challenge Blog ...... my other two seem to be picking up which is good news, So I would like to thank all of you who participate in my challenges, and this morning I completed the sponsorship for all three of my blogs, they are all covered for 2014, so I would like to say a big Thank You for the kind sponsorship I have received, Lacy Sunshine played a huge part in sponsoring my challenges this year, and I am so grateful to them, and they have agreed to sponsor me again in 2014, on all three of my blogs.... I am taking a back seat as regards the sponsorship for 2015, as I have a new Sponsor Co-Ordinator Erin who will be sorting out this for me, which will give me more time to organize the challenges etc etc, so at the moment it's all exciting stuff, as long as nobody tries to burst my bubble !!!!!!!!! 
Below are some pics I took last night can you spot my Hubby ???????


  1. Hi Suzy fab doogie pics hun - re New Year s resolutions - agree with u to be more active would be good - other than that to be organised and make the most of ever day - hugs xxx

  2. Hi Sue, sorry not got around as much of late, but things may be looking brighter for next year :o)) Got Sis sorted and looking happier and brighter, Holly is doing famous and can ride again in Feb all being well. She is in South Africa for Christmas with the family so hope she is being careful.
    Thank you for all your love and support these past months xxxxxxx
    Glad to hear the challenges are doing well, Hope I can support you more in the new year.
    All good Wishes for you and yours for 2014
    Great pics
    Huge Hugs Mau xx
    resolutions...loose weight!...a Stone at least!!!
    Go to bed earlier! more 1 or 2am's
    Increase our mileage when walking.
    all sound good on


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