Friday, 6 December 2013

Feelgood Friday .........Sticky Note .....

Sticky Note, will remain at the top of my postings until the end of December
DT Call for a NEW Challenge Blog
Completely Christmas 
My New Challenge Blog, that will be dedicated to Christmas Projects, throughout the year, if you feel up to a challenge, and are able to commit to a project each week ...... and would like to join the Design Team, then please E-Mail with your details

Good Afternoon Readers,
I hope you are well...... what ya all been up to ...... I have been busy with one thing and another, and as you can see from my sticky note above, I have gone and done another challenge blog, I must be orf my head ...... but I love it, it's my way of escaping in to another world, that is full of sparkle and colour ...... my friends all ask were I get the time, what with working, riding, and walking the rabble, but I do find it, OK sometimes it can be a bit hairy, when I have to post on time, and I must admit I do leave it till the last minute sometimes, but it get's done ...... I'm also not one of those people that can sit still for long before I start to get itchy hands, so what better way to scratch them ...... anyhoo, not long before Christmas ...... I have a busy couple of weeks to the run up, wrapping pressies and delivering them, as I am working all over the Christmas so I need to get things sorted...... also have a Christmas meal with a few friends from work on the 20th December, apart from that unless something unexpected arises that's about it, till after Christmas, then it is the Stables Turkey and Tinsel Christmas party in January, what have you all got planned for the Christmas anything nice ........ below is the Birthday Card I have made my Granddaughter Chelsey , it will be her birthday on Boxing Day, and she sure does like to shop.....

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  1. So cute! I love that bear! I think the idea of a new all christmas blog is awesome! I need to start early next year so I can get it all done!


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