Sunday, 11 August 2013

Super Sunday........

Good Morning Readers,
Well it is another lovely day here in Cornwall, thought at one point it was going to rain..... but the clouds went and left a blue sky, well after I had done the usual up at the yard this morning, popped in to see my Son Stevie, and my Grandson Jacob Simon,my Daughter in Law was working she is a Theatre Nurse at Treliske Hospital, my daughter Hazel was there, which was nice as I have not seen much of her lately, we seem to cross paths, with work an all,  now my regular readers will know that my Son and family, and my Daughter Hazel Stevie's Big Sister, who is living with them for a while, as her marriage has broke down....... have moved in to a huge house, with the most amazing views, and when I say huge I mean Huge, you could get lost in the rooms, but it had been empty for two years prior to them moving in, so did need a fair bit of work doing to it....... it is a beautiful house, with many of the original features still there, the house is two hundred years old...... and even has it's own staircase to the attic...... well Stevie has been working very hard trying to get it sorted, but we all now what it's like when you have a young baby and you both work..... so he has been doing bits as and when he can, I think he is getting frustrated because he want's it all done and finished, but he is doing a grand job, and when it is finished it will be an amazing family home...... below is some pics I took this morning....... well I ma off to do some crafting after I have done a bit around the house, so you will probably be hearing from me again.....

Jacob Simon

Is Anybody Going To Open This Chocolate

If I look Cute Will You Open It......

Work In Progress In The Lounge Paint Colour Rusted Red and Crumble

Stevie My Son Said To Take One From This Angle as Well

My Daughter in Law Stenciled This on There Bedroom Wall

The Wallpaper On The Main Wall In My Son and Daughter in Laws Bedroom

This is The Wallpaper in My Daughter Hazel's Room 

Father and Son

Just So Cute Sucking His Thumb

This is a Picture I took of Some of the Vintage Jewellery I am Putting up on E-Bay, using the new photography bulb hubbie got me

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  1. Sounds like Stevie has got plenty to keep him busy.
    Gorgeous Grandson, what a cutie..tell him I will open the choc if I can have a piece...I so love white choccy...yum
    Hugs Mau xx


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