Sunday, 18 August 2013

Less is More # 133 Round and Round ...............

Good Morning Readers,
Well the weather today here in Cornwall, is better than yesterday, we had so much rain...... that I did think about getting some flippers........ but today we have cloud and sunshine, have you noticed that the night's are beginning to draw in already, and the morning's seem to be darker....... but I do love Autumn, I love the red's and brown's, the leaves are beginning to fall of the trees in my garden already, soon my lawn will be a blanket of them....... anyhoo, let's see if we can just hang on to Summer for a bit longer...... well up with the larks again this morning, and up the yard as normal....... today was dreaded water day, myself and Julie  have to push in total 300,gallons OOPSIE, should be 30 gallons, as my Mum quoted you are filling a trough NOT a swimming pool.....of water into our field, we use 5 gallon containers and push it down in our wheelbarrows to fill the trough, we scrub it out once a week..... and the lane we have to go down is a farm lane so lots of bumps and pot holes, by the end of it our arms feel about 8ft long....... but good exercise !!!!!!!!!! so of course we needed a coffee after that, then we done the usual, I rode Ace, and then walked the dog's,  on the way home popped in to the Horse Box, ( It's an Animal Feed Store) could have spent a fortune, but came out with a new Hay Net for Ace bright Green, and a bag of feed woohoo....... and then returned home, to get down to some serious crafting........Below is my entry for the challenge over on simplylessismoore
speak again tomorrow.....

Recipe for my Design,
3 by 6 Cream Linen Base Card
4 by 3 Cream Linen Card Distressed around the Edges with a Gold Metallic Ink Pad,to add some definition  I then Overlapped the distressed card on to the base card,
Whatever Digi Stamp from Pinterest 
Letter Allocants


  1. That sentiment was made for my hubby and made me smile ,what a great card! x

  2. Fun card Sue, what a great image!
    Thanks so much
    Less is More


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