Sunday, 8 June 2014

DSC # 91 'All For Girls'

Good Afternoon My Lovlies.....
Just grabbing a quick 5mins before I am dragged out in to the garden .....
Hubby and myself are hoping to finish of the greenhouse today....
the weather seem's to be holding out at the mo....
I have had a busy weekend this week.... went to my Hubbies shop on Friday,
in the hopes of trying to help him sort it out...he has a professional photographer coming on Tuesday,to take some photo's to go on Google..... well I nearly had to be bailed out of the police station, due to me murdering him......he tells me to do what I want with the display's then when I do it he say's no not like that ARGHH.... so after three hours I left an alive Hubby and returned home.... and yesterday I went out for a couple of drink's with some friends from work,
and yes it was lunchtime.....what is becoming of me.....
 lunchtime drinking I ask you !!!!! and of course in between all of this, I have been riding, sorting my E-Bay shop out..... and my Three Challenge Blogs that I own....
So it will be nice to go out in the Garden and relax ????
But I have however manage to join in with the challenge over at 
and the theme this week is Girls.......

Recipe for my Design
5 by 5 White Base Card
All the Digital Elements have been taken from the Digi Kit Vintage Love
Image is from a CD by Pantheon Arts and Images

Below are some pics I took of the shop which is called
Moods and Visions
Hubby specializes in Dvd's Cd's and Books 
and as you can see we have no shortage of stock...... and I am nowhere to 
be seen ........

Here we have an Alive Hubby......


  1. Love your GIRLY card! It's so perfecto!
    Thank you for joining us at Digitally Sweet!

  2. Fabulous card Suzy love it and great shop pics hugs Judith x

  3. Love your stories each week and the card is very fabulous too!

    Thank you for joining us at Digitally Sweet Challenges!


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