Sunday, 23 February 2014

Shopping Really !!!!!!!!!!!

Good Afternoon Readers,
Hope you are all enjoying what is left of the weekend, the weather in my little corner of Cornwall is rather on the windy side again today, 
no rain !!!!! yet, well did my usual this morning, rode my boy, ran the rabble then returned home to do something I very rarely do ...... I went shopping with Hubby, I have not done a weekly shop for nearly
 6 years !!!!!!!! well since I started working at my current job actually, not that I won't do it or though I would rather not, but because Hubby say's I buy to much rubbish ...... ie chocolate, biscuits , crisps, notice nothing healthy ...... and hardly anything for hubby to eat ..... my regular readers will now that I am a vegetarian and Brian (Hubby) is a vegan .... so he decided to take over the shopping role, and I have to admit he does a dam good job, the cupboards are stocked with healthy snacks and loads of fruit and veg.... but today I went with him, and Tesco's was packed, is that really what people do on a Sunday ..... shop, but when I looked around at them they actually looked as though they were enjoying themselves, me, all I wanted to do was to get out ..... hubby is soooo soooo organized, even his list was written out in the correct store layout...... me I was wandering from aisle to aisle..... I did however purchase a couple of things, a nice church candle with vase for my friend Julie's B'Day... and a Lime green spatula..... so see I can do shopping.....
Yesterday I had a lovely surprise I won the challenge over at  Digitally Sweet and my prize was some gorgeous images from lunagirlmoonbeams and they have a challenge blog, which I hope to be entering sometime today, below is my entry to the new challenge over at Digitally Sweet, which is a colour palette challenge.... 

Recipe for my Design 
5 by 5 Ultra Smooth Card
Image from a CD I have from Luna Girl 
Element used from Digi Kits
Ruffles and Lace
A Mothers Love and
Swirling Memories myspace graphic comments
Hugs comments & graphics


  1. Hi Suzy! My hubby does the shopping as well - I do the wandering and take to much time lol I look at labels :-) Nice that you got out together though. I love what you did this week with your creation! LunaGirls images are awesome to work with. Thanks for joining us at Digitally Sweet!

  2. You are definitely a pro! This is gorgeous!
    Thank you for joining us at Digitally Sweet!

  3. Gorgeous page . So pretty. Thank you for joining us at Digitally Sweet.


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