Saturday, 8 February 2014

Rather Dramatic ..................

Good Morning Readers,
Hope you are safe and well, the weather here in my little corner of Cornwall today is terrible, very windy with heavy hail showers, not shopping weather ....... so today I went up the yard as per usual, none of the horses are going out today they are all safely in there stables, I took Ace in the school this morning just to give him a workout as he was staying in all day.... had a quick coffee with the girls before departing to visit my Mum, she was extremely pleased with the skirt I got her yesterday, so we had a chat mainly about crafting and the weather, and then I decided to leave to return home, but before I did I went to Portreath Beach, to have a gander as you do, and the sea was amazing, I always carry my camera in the truck, so I ran back to get it so I could some photos, and here they are.......  
I will be back later to speak some more.....

The Cruel Sea

To Get the Effect of This One I was basically laying down on the floor

Mother Nature

Coming Over Very Dark So Decided To Leave

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  1. Fabulous photos - glad to hear you are staying safe



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