Friday, 15 November 2013

Feelgood Friday .........

Good Afternoon Readers,

Ever had that feeling of it's good to be alive ....... well that has been my day so far, went up the yard this morning with the urge to really want to ride...... was taking my life in my hand's though, as Ace has been in his stable for practically the last two day's ...... went out on Wednesday for a couple of hour's as he was being clipped and he was in all day Thursday he had to see the Farrier ........ so as you can imagine he was a bit on the lively side when I rode him, what with being stuck in his stable, then the cold air on his clipped coat, needless to say he was doing rather a lot of snorting, reminded me of a dragon ...... but he was a really good boy albeit rather fast ........ once I had rode, Ace went out in to his field and rolled in the wet not once but four times, then took of over the field bucking ....... I'm sure he looked back at me and sniggered ...... then I went and had a good catch up with Mary over a couple of mug's of well earned coffee....... on the return home I popped in to my Fav Charity Shop Pants, and of course did not come out empty handed..... got my daughter Teresa a lovely top by the White Stuff Company almost brand new...... and then got the rabble some teddies and Queen Smarty Pants a great big teddy blanket for her to regally sit on, in lovely bright colours ....... I have also caught up on my behind the scenes challenge work ....... and have also come up with an idea for another challenge blog ....... will be doing a DT call in the next couple of weeks, and tomorrow I have an interview to do a couple of volunteer hours in the Air Ambulance Shop in Camborne will let you now how it goes....... and then got down to some crafting some I am unable to publish at the mo ...... but the one below I made for a friend at work who's Birthday it is on Tuesday, hope she likes it.......

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  1. Wow! this is awesome. Love the colors and layers!


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