Saturday, 5 April 2014

Were's The Sun !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Good Afternoon Peeps,
Firstly I would like to welcome some new followers to my blog Aussie Annie and Diane, thank you for taking the time to join my blog, please pop back from time to time....

Well what ya all been up too...... today is a vast contrast weather wise from yesterday, it's that orrible misty rain here in my little corner of Cornwall, it's seems we can't have two day's the same, yesterday was lovely with Sunshine, and tomorrow it seems it is going to be even worse.....
are you sure British Summertime has begun !!!!! Well this morning apart from getting rather wet, I rode my boy, and took the rabble out on to the fields for a soggy run, before returning home..... I did pop in to Pants on the way home my fav charity unit..... purchased a rather nice chunky fleece for up the yard for £1.00 and a rather gorgeous ornament...... I Know what you are all shouting at your computer screens, you don't like ornaments or clutter, but I just had to have this one as it was a rather cute Shetland Pony...... and it will sit nicely with my other ornaments of horses that I have in a glass cabinet, then returned home for some well awaiting breakfast..... been playing with my digi kits this afternoon and made this for my friend at work, who is a brick, and has been there to calm me down on a number of occasions...... 


  1. Hi Sue, hope you had a good weekend, sorry not been around much lately. Helping daughter to pack her big house up prior to moving. Holly at college and the grandson is away with his mum and dad to the
    Love the card, yourfriend will be thrilled with it.
    Will try and be better blogger when we get sorted xx
    Hugs Mau xx


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