Sunday, 22 September 2013

My Girl........

Good Morning Readers,

Hope you are all well, the weather here in my little corner of Cornwall today, is mild and overcast...... my regular readers will now that my eldest daughter Sarah Louise, graduated yesterday, from Plymouth University....... and it was a wonderful day, Sarah was so nervous bless her, and I was so proud of her, she has had to deal with the break up of her marriage, as well as the death of her Father, and yet she still managed to Pass......  she already has a placement at West Cornwall Hospital, as an OPT, Operating Theatre Practitioner , she did not really relax until it was all over, and we were in the Post Graduation Marquee with a glass of Champagne, the food was lovely as well with canapes, and fresh salmon, crab, all sorts of cheese and some rather lush cakes....... so you can guess were I headed for...... below are some pics of a rather nervous
 Sarah Louise,

Me and My Girl
She's Still Not Relaxed
Sarah and Jo
She's Got It......
Finally Relaxing.....


  1. CONGRATULATIONS to you and your daughter, you must be so proud of her - lovely pix


  2. Wow you must have been so proud. Xx

  3. Congratulations Sue!! I know you are so proud of her and with what you said she had to deal with and still graduate is awesome..


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