Monday, 7 October 2013

What a Morning ........

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1- Pack of Black A4 Eva Glitter Foam 2 sheets in a pack
2 - Papermania Noel Stamp Set 9 in a Set
3 -  Pack of Cameos 4 in a pack
4 - 1 pack of 5 by 5 Scalloped Edged Cards with Envies 
5 - 1 pack of Crystal gems Assorted Sizes 66 in Total
6 - 1 Pack of Crystal and Turquoise Gems 110 in Total
7 - 2 x Packs of Crochet Flower Brads there are four in each pack .

Good Morning Readers,
I hope you are all well ....... the weather today in my little corner of Cornwall, is rather pleasant albeit overcast, it is still rather warm ....... so decided to go in to the garden and top up the pond ...... Hmm maybe should have checked hose ...... well turned on the hose that was placed up the garden and in the pond, turned on the tap full blast ....... and the end of the hose shot around the garden like a demented snake, dog's, cat's bird's you name it, delved for cover ....... so I quickly ran back down the garden to the outside tap and turned it of rather quickly, what I forgot to do was secure the end of the hose to the pond, and to also put it on the spray setting ....... well that was that sorted, so then decided to wash the floors ...... got the mop and bucket, cleaning fluid , hot water ....... poured the cleaning fluid into the bucket, and I have never been much for
 measuring ..... ask hubbie when it comes to making cakes ...... and started to wash said floor, well, I had put so much cleaning stuff in , that the floor was covered in foam, so much so, that it would have made the Oompa Lumpa's from Charlie and Chocolate Factory proud, so I had to start all over again ....... and it's only 11.30, think I might go back to bed and start the day over .... Oh wait , can't do that, as I am back in to work tonight !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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